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Interested in learning more about Blockchain?

Join our Discord to discover news about Blockchain, access to free learning resources, attend beginner-friendly workshops, meet like-minded people who are passionate about Web3, and most importantly learn together as a group through activities, crypto clinics, AMAs, and more!

Join our Discord to discover news about Blockchain, access to free learning resources and meet like-minded people who are passionate about Web3!

About Blockaday

We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to empower billions of lives. However, while this technology has gone mainstream, it is still deeply misunderstood.

Blockaday is a community-based Web3 EduTech company. We find innovative ways to provide curated education for individuals and organizations on the potential of blockchain technology.

We present this content simply, inclusively and honestly, so a diverse audience can understand, experience and learn by doing.

The potential reach of organizations in Web3 is limited by their customers' ability to understand the technology and the organization's capacity to create educational content about their product and Web3 in general.

This educational content creation can be outsourced to Blockaday, so builders can focus on building and executives can focus on business strategy.


We provide simplified content in various methods of content delivery to help users learn by doing, experiencing & engaging with Blockchain topics!

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We create long-form written content to include in your blogs, articles, or newsletters, as well as bite-sized content suitable for Twitter & Instagram

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You show up and record with us, we provide the space and the equipments, we take care of post-production, and deliver you the finished product

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We demo or use your product in an event we host such as workshops, hackathons, or seminars, as well as marketing and organizing the event

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