About Blockaday

Blockaday is a blockchain community aiming to educate and introduce people to opportunities in the blockchain space!

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We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to empower billions of lives. However, while this technology has gone mainstream, it is still deeply misunderstood.

The potential reach of organizations in Web3 is limited by their customers’ ability to understand the technology and the organization’s capacity to create educational content about their product and Web3 in general. This educational content creation can be outsourced to Blockaday, so builders can focus on building and executives can focus on business strategy.

Blockaday is a community-based Web3 EduTech company. We find innovative ways to provide curated education for individuals and organizations on the potential of blockchain technology. We present this content simply, inclusively and honestly, so a diverse audience can understand, experience and learn by doing.

As a Blockchain technology company specializing in education, we will keep innovating products and services that align with our vision and mission to add one block of knowledge everyday.

Meet the Team


Christian Dumas

Head of Operations

Christian has over 4 years of experience in the blockchain space. He graduated with a finance degree from UBC and has startup experience in the cybersecurity and robotics industries. At Blockaday, he serves as a content creator and event manager and takes care of all educational aspects of the company. He has a strong relationship with Ethereum Vancouver and has been a guest speaker at their events many times.


Emika Suntisumranwilai

Head of Marketing & Sales

Emika has over 2 years of experience in the blockchain space. Her involvement in the space started after she won 2nd place in the blockchain hackathon by building blockchain-based covid verification. She then worked as a blockchain researcher for a DeFi company for 8 months and currently serves as an operation manager for an NFT Marketplace. She also worked as a student venture analyst at CDL-Vancouver where she supported 3 startup founders in the 2021/2022 cohort.


Naijide Anwaer

Head of Events & Partnership

Naijide is pursuing his computer science degree at UBC with previous experience working as Aion Digital Market Intelligence and PM intern in which he worked on ideation, building, and launching Fintech PFM products. He’s proficient in Java, Python.


Sayena Einafshar

Head of Design

Sayena, with a BA degree in Product Design, is experienced in contributing to product scalability via conducting quantitative & qualitative user research and iterating solutions in agile frameworks. She has over 5 years of work experience in Graphic Design. At Blockaday, she takes care of branding, Graphic Design, Product Design & Development.


Lakshya Agarwal

Head of Teachnology

Lakshya has over 2 years of blockchain development and is familiar with Solidity, Node.js, and React.js. He has been working on various blockchain side projects, including developing a crypto token sale website (ICO) and an NFT marketplace for which he won second place in the hackathon.